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1800RESPECT – Domestic Violence Help Line

Domestic abuse caused the death of over 75 Australian women last year. 1800RESPECT is a 24 hour domestic violence helpline assisting women to safely leave a violent home, get help with a sexual assault, and to get family violence counselling. In Australia, 25% of homeless women are there after fleeing a violent relationship. 1800RESPECT is proudly supported by Share The Dignity.

75 women is too many. Know the number to change the numbers.

We lose more than 75 women per year to domestic violence. More than 12,000 women are homeless due to domestic violence. These numbers must change. Knowing the 1800RESPECT number can change these numbers forever.

Australian domestic violence facts

• Through the tireless work of Rosie Batty, we have learned that only one in three women knows that 1800RESPECT exists.
• More than 75 women lost their lives last year at the hands of their intimate partners.
• One in four women has experienced physical or sexual violence.
• 25% of homelessness in women is due to domestic and family violence.
• Trained counsellors are available 24/7, which means that the number can be called when it is safe to do so, regardless of the day or time of day.
• Domestic violence is now referred to as the biggest public health crisis in Australia. We MUST change the narrative.

PLEASE save 1800RESPECT in your phone. Make sure your friends know the number.

Further information on the 1800RESPECT service, as well as online counselling, is available at www.1800respect.org.au

Write it down – 1800RESPECT

As part of our campaign to assist women in leaving violent relationships, we’ve partnered with Cotton Tampons to share the 1800RESPECT Domestic Violence Helpline with more women.

The helpline number now appears on all Cottons Tampons packaging, discretely under the lid. Why is that important? Women don’t need to use the internet to find it. Violent partners often monitor browser history, placing victims in further danger and deterring them from asking for help.

Share The Dignity and Cottons Tampons are proud to help 1800RESPECT give women the help they need to leave.

If these numbers make you angry, here’s some simple ways you can help

• Demand that the media publish the hotline at the end of all stories covering domestic and family violence, in print and broadcast.

• If you need it, or someone you know needs it, call 1800RESPECT for support.

• Purchase a pack of tampons now for our April and August collections, where they will go to vulnerable women in need.

• Donate to one of our vital programs.

Dignity Drive – Distribution of Pads and Tampons to Homeless Women and Women in Crisis
It’s In The Bag – Care Packages For Women and Girls Living In Poverty Across Australia
Tampon Vending Machines – Tampons for School Students and Women Living in Poverty
Because We Care – Funerals For Victims of Domestic Violence
Activities For All – Sports And Activity Funding for Kids Escaping Domestic Violence