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Woolworth’s now Sharing the Dignity

We are so excited to share with you the ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE YEAR!

Woolworths Share our passion to help women in need and have committed to donating five cents from every packet of pads and tampons sold in each of their 995 stores across Australia! This means up to a million dollars EACH YEAR to help us ensure that Australian women and girls are no longer forced to use wadded up toilet paper to manage their periods!

This incredible generosity will make a HUGE difference to the lives of Australians experiencing poverty, homelessness and domestic violence and we are so grateful for the support!

So now when you get your period and purchase your sanitary items from Woolworths you will be helping to ensure another woman fleeing domestic violence, experiencing homelessness or living in poverty won’t have to choose between buying food or sanitary items. We can End Period Poverty in Australia I feel like WE CAN DO THIS!!

We just need every woman in Australia to now know about this so please let your besties know below just how easy it is to Share the Dignity.