Coke Bottle Challenge
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$2 Buddy Bottle Challenge and 50 Cent Challenge!

Strapped for cash but want to help?  Here’s two great ways to save up a little donation without breaking the bank.  The $2 Buddy Bottle Challenge and the 50 Cent Challenge are both ways to make a big difference without noticing the financial pinch!


The 50 cent Challenge

It’s simple.

When you have a 50c coin is in your wallet, take it out and put it into a jar. Do it until the… end of financial year.

It’s fully tax deductible as well. Could you imagine the good we could do with the 50 cent challenge money?

The $2 Coke Bottle Challenge

Got a $2 coin in your wallet?  Pop it into a buddy bottle (a Coke bottle has just the right sized neck for depositing your gold!) and fill the buddy bottle to the top.  Around $1000 fits in every single buddy bottle!  When it’s all full up, donate to us.  Just nine of these could fund a tampon vending machine in a school where girls can’t afford sanitary products.  A couple of these could fund a funeral for a woman killed at the hands of a violent partner.  It’s tax deducible for you and vital for us. WIN-WIN.

You don’t need to have oodles of idle cash to make a big difference to someone in need.  Accept the challenge!

Image credit: Be A Fun Mum