Leave the world a better place for having had you in it. By including a charitable bequest to Share The Dignity in your will, you’re leaving an enduring gift that will benefit women affected by domestic violence and poverty in Australia. When you leave a charitable bequest, your kindness lives on, improving lives long after you’ve gone.  Bequests to charities are the most wonderful way to show the world what you were passionate about.

Be remembered as a champion of women

Australia loses too many women to domestic violence.  Consequently, we need your help to continue our good works with domestic violence victims and homeless women. When you bequest money to Share The Dignity in your will, you’ll be remembered as someone who made the world a better place. Your family will receive a beautiful plaque commemorating your kindness and thanking you for your most noteworthy and generous gift.  You will be remembered for your good deed while making Australia a safer place for women.

Acknowledge those touched by homelessness or domestic violence

We help women though the most difficult and dangerous times of their lives. Do you know a domestic violence victim?  You can make an enduring difference. Your donation can help us to prevent another needless death.  You can honour them. Most of all you can show them that they’ve mattered to you.

How to make a charitable bequest in Australia

Speak to your lawyer about writing a charitable bequest into your will. Your lawyer can make sure your family honour your wishes.  Most importantly, talk to your family about your wishes so that they understand that your bequest is important to you.

Thank-you from the hearts of Australia’s most vulnerable women

We provide homeless and at risk women nationally with a sense of dignity at times when they need it most.   Our work helps women to recover from domestic violence.  Furthermore, we help vulnerable women to live with dignity.  We believe that all women have the right to dignity.  Your gift with help.

Please, leave a bequest to Share the Dignity in your will.  The first step of all is to download the document below.

Should you have any questions please email us via [email protected]