Which is the best charity to donate to in Australia? What to consider before you make the choice
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What Are The Best Charities To Give To In Australia?

You can’t walk through your local shopping centre lately without being accosted to give money to this cause or that charity. It’s often hard to know if these places are legitimate or if they’re taking you for a ride (and taking your hard-earned cash while they’re at it!). So how can you figure out which ones are the best charities to give to?

The best charities to give to benefit the causes you care about!

The first thing you need to figure out is WHO the actual beneficiary of this charity is. You should make sure that your money goes towards causes that you care about. Times are tough and dollars only stretch so far. If you’re looking for the best charities to give to, then your answer will be the non-profit who have the potential to change the game and make a difference.

Who gets the biggest piece of the pie?

Consider the spending that your chosen charity might have. How much of the money will ACTUALLY go where they say it’s going? How much goes to rents, wages, lobbying, corporate boxes or stroking egos?
Share The Dignity is able to pass on 95% of all donated funds because they have worked hard to ensure that overheads and costs are low. The best charities to give to are those that are in a position to give the most.

What motivates this organisation?

Is this organisation truly altruistic or are there other agendas at play? Be cautious with your money. Your wisest decision is a charity that is truly trying to do good with no other motivation.  Be wary of the “not for profit” that exists as a PR exercise! Will you donate to a good cause that serves only to fix the PR problems of a bad company?  Share The Dignity won’t be used by companies to fix their PR issues.  We only work with corporate partners who fully support women’s rights.  Despite being grateful for the support of businesses, we remain 100% independent and focused on our projects.

What political ties does this organisation have?

Below the surface of many charities are affiliations with different political interests. It can be difficult to find a charity that is honest and transparent. Share The Dignity has no affiliations and zero ties to political institutions or other organisations.  We are simply looking to improve the lives of women in need by funnelling resources, donations, time and care to vulnerable members of our society.  Our collected products are distributed through NGOs and religious charities and we love meeting other community minded volunteers.  We remain however, completely independent.

Where else is this charity getting money from?

Some charities get a lot of air time and are ‘go to’ options for people looking to make tax deductible donations. A lot of worthy causes get left behind because they don’t have huge names and huge budgets attached to them. Consider supporting a charity where your donation will REALLY mean something, rather than just another drop in an endless ocean of donations.  There are SO MANY good causes out there and so many amazing people working tirelessly to make a positive change in the world, could you champion a trusted Australian charity doing the hard yards at a grass roots level?

Making your money mean something more

Interested in the best charities to give to? Donating to Share The Dignity might just be for you.  You want:

  • 100% independence and transparency
  • An Australian charity where 95% or more of donations go straight to those in need
  • A charity that supports the most vulnerable women in Australia
  • A charity that doesn’t spend on fancy premises or $5000 a plate lobbying lunches
  • A charity that refuses to be used as a PR exercise
  • A charity run by fierce and passionate women who never give up

Sounds like the best charity to give to?   Donate now.