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Charity Gifts Australia – What You Need to Know

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Theresa

It’s a quote that equips one to give, no matter how rich you are. Australians are known to be very generous and are the third most generous country in the world. Yet, there are social needs in our own backyard, like homelessness, that need addressing and charity gifts in Australia can make a positive impact for the greater good of those impacted by this circumstance.

It’s said that if you have a dry place to sleep at night, food to eat, water to drink and friends and family to love, you are rich. Your immediate needs are being met. Yet 1 in 200 Australians experience homelessness, and domestic violence is the biggest cause of homelessness in Australia.

Approximately 44 percent of those homeless in Australia identify as female, according to Homelessness Australia. Unfortunately there is a gap in funding to provide homeless shelters and refuge services to those that need it, so charities like Share The Dignity stand in the gap to assist.

Why Gift To Share The Dignity?

Share The Dignity provide specialist homelessness services, where we collect pads and tampons that can be donated to homeless women. It’s just one way to ensure a homeless woman’s basic needs are met in a practical way.  We’re a charity that works at the “grass roots” level, getting things done.  There are so many good charities out there, taking care of big picture stuff like lobbying politicians for change – we believe that change is best made directly with the person affected.  So, we do our work with those most impacted.  The cost of buying a packet of pads or tampons means the choice between eating a meal or not that day. Consider this decision for a week when a woman is on her monthly cycle and this puts a significant impact on a woman’s dignity.

Australian women need your support

Charity gifts in Australia help the most vulnerable people in our society and if we help one, the domino effect of helping many can impact our community for the better. We can all do something to assist.  If you’re an Australian, wanting to support an Australian Charity, consider donating to Share The Dignity. There are many ways to give, but here are three main ways that can assist greatly.

1.       Bequests – consider leaving a legacy through your will.

2.      Financial Contributions – monetary donations enable a charity to use the funds for specific needs – where funding is most needed.

3.       Donations of pads and tampons through It’s In The Bag and Dignity Drive – these campaigns ensure vital products are donated to homeless women in shelters.

Donating to an Australian charity ensures those that are ‘forgotten’ in our country, are found and given hope. Restoring one’s dignity is one of the greatest things we can do as humans and what better way to do that, than in our own backyard.