Fill a handbag with a Christmas gift for women and girls in need

 #itsinthebag 2019 will run from Friday November 22 to Saturday December 7

Donate to our Christmas collection #itsinthebag. You have the power to make life better for a woman or girl experiencing homelessness or poverty this Christmas. Provide pads and tampons, personal hygiene products and everyday luxuries to homeless women, women at risk or women experiencing domestic violence.

It’s simple. First of all, choose a handbag in good condition that you no longer use.  Then, fill it with items that would make a woman feel special, pop in a thoughtful note or Christmas card and show her someone cares. Show her that she matters because everyone deserves to feel that way.

Next time you’re at the shops, collect a few items for your Christmas handbag. No matter how you celebrate Christmas with your family, this will be the most meaningful and appreciated gift you give this year.

Why It’s in the Bag?

It’s In The Bag Christmas charity campaign idea came to us when we realised that women in crisis will put the needs of others before themselves, whatever the time of year. And we wanted to do something that would give these women a little happiness at Christmas.

There are 85,000 homeless women who need your help this Christmas. Many have fled domestic violence or experienced extreme poverty. We want to make them feel special. You can help. It’s simple and it makes a big difference in a woman’s life.

What’s in the Bag?

The three types of bag we collect are:

Teen Bag

Nappy Bag

Woman's Bag

This year you can also purchase a Bag Protector to place your #itsinthebag gift inside. At $9.95 each, this is a bag for your #itsinthebag, that doubles as a laundry bag or a shopping bag for the lady receiving your gift this Christmas.


When can I make a donation?

You will be able to drop off your donation between Friday 22 November and Saturday 7 December 2019 at your local Bunning Warehouse.

What goes in the bag?

Ask yourself what would a homeless woman need? Chances are, she needs the same personal care and sanitary items you do. Your handbag can be packed full of useful things and little luxuries. Especially relevant items are those little things you need every day, from your toothbrush to your hairbrush. Because nobody should go without life’s little essentials!

What if I have a lot of bags – can I get them picked up?

Collections will be made from all Bunnings stores nationally.
However, if you are collecting at your workplace, school or business, and have over 100 bags; please contact our team to confirm the delivery of your generous donation.

It's In the Bag Collection - Collection Request

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How I can I volunteer to help with It's In The Bag?

Fantastic – if you would like to find out more about volunteering with Share the Dignity, please check out our volunteers page.

How can charities get involved?

Please check out the Charities page to find out more.

How can my business get involved?

Please check out our Corporate Partners page for more information.




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If you are a registered volunteer and need posters or other printables, please visit the Resources page.

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