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Start preparing your #ItsInTheBag donations ready for November 2020.

Join us in making Christmas special for the thousands of women doing it tough.

Each November Share the Dignity donated thousands of bags to women in need across the country filled with essentials and special gifts to make their Christmas one to remember.


In 2019, we were able to donate a record 134,010 #ItsInTheBag donations to women in need, bringing our three year total to 517,918 bag donations. The bags were made up so much love and care from all who donated, filled with the basic essentials and so many more special gifts for women in need during Christmas time.

If you’re already preparing for the 2020 It’s In The Bag campaign, we are firstly so impressed by your organisation and secondly wanted to remind you of what is needed in each bag. The bag itself needs to be in good condition but can be a pre-loved handbag or backpack.

IITB - Share the Dignity

Keep in mind when you’re packing your bag, “what items would I like to receive during a difficult time in my life?” We encourage additional items that would make a woman feel special such as make up, accessories, moisturiser, facemasks, hand cream, handmade knitted items, purses etc.

We do have a few items we do not accept in the bags for safety reasons, they are:

  • Loose tampons and pads
  • Pharmaceutical items (including condoms, throat lozenges, paracetamol and ibuprofen)
  • Food and drinks
  • Sharp objects (including razors and scissors)

The donations of #ItsInTheBag go directly to women and girls in need, we donated them to women’s refuges, domestic violence shelters, indigenous communities, homelessness charities, drought stricken farmers and to young girls in foster care. We work directly with charities to ensure the donations are given to women in need and to make Christmas special for them

IITB Infographic - Share the Dignity 2019

What’s in the Bag?

The three types of bag we collect are:

Woman's Bag

Nappy Bag

Teen Bag