Share The Dignity Corporate Partnerships deliver unique opportunities for your business to demonstrate its commitment to corporate social responsibility in Australia.

Partner with a trusted brand to demonstrate how your business is committed to ideals including gender equality, easing poverty and ending domestic violence in Australia. We are passionate about assisting vulnerable Australian women in times of need.  Consequently, we believe that corporate commitment is the most powerful way to further this cause.

We understand that bringing your business on board will make a big impact on women’s rights so we’re committed to creating a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with the right corporate partners. Share The Dignity raises vital funds to change the lives of women in need and at risk and women and girls at risk and experiencing domestic violence. Show your workforce, and Australia that your business is committed to changing the lives of these families.

Benefits of our corporate partnerships

  • Partner with an award winning, highly visible charity with a passionate and committed following.
  • Use the Share The Dignity logo to demonstrate, instantly, your commitment to women’s issues
  • Keep your CSR message top of mind among staff, customers and stakeholders with regular events and campaigns. Unlike other charity partners, Share The Dignity holds several annual media friendly events, creating year round opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  •  Share The Dignity’s awareness building activities are carefully crafted for simple, affordable “workplace participation”. Remind your stakeholders of your commitment to helping women in fun workplace activities that cost little and are fast and simple to organise.
  • Broad reach into our large and active audience. We reach thousands of people, every single day through our website and social media activities.
  • Corporate seating at major (and often glamourous) events for your staff, customers or stakeholders.
  • Most importantly though, we offer you the opportunity to do something wonderful for Australia’s most vulnerable women. Corporate partnerships allow for more ambitious and higher impact projects and services. We’re an ambitious charity. We need corporate partners like you to change the world for good! Work with a charity that works in the trenches getting things done. There’s nothing more satisfying.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

  •  Unrestricted gifts. These monetary donations are the most efficient way to help us carry on work. Our partnership program rewards your generosity with a tailored package suited to your company’s CSR needs.
  •  Staff engagement. Bring staff together and confirm your commitment to women through five highly publicised annual events. Creating a sense of “workplace togetherness” with staff fundraising coupled with corporate dollar matching.
  • Cause marketing. Donate a lump sum or percentage of sales throughout one or all of our fundraising campaigns.
  • Sponsorship opportunities and “gifts in kind”. Become a name sponsor on one or multiple annual campaigns or of a permanently placed #Pinkbox Dispenser.
  • Workplace Giving. Register your workplace to be a “give as you earn” donor to Share The Dignity, reducing staff tax bills while creating good will among staff. Learn more about workplace giving here.

Our corporate partnership opportunities can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and level of financial commitment. If you would like to chat to us about becoming a partner, then complete our partnership form.

Woolworths and Share the Dignity working together to end period poverty

Woolworths have provided incredible support to Share the Dignity this year since our partnership commenced in March 2019.

In August, Woolworths became our largest ever collection point for our bi-annual Dignity Drive with collection boxes in each of their stores. We were able to collect 82,756 packets of pads, packets of tampons, 4667 packets of incontinence pads and 167 menstrual cups – now that is how to make a difference!

We are honoured to work with Woolworths who share our passion to make a difference.

Introducing our partners

national storage
Cope sensitive freight
JuJu mestrual cup
White Lady funerals
Kuhn Corp
Name My Stuff
social media photographers