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Domestic Abuse in a time of COVID-19

What about the women who more than ever need to leave their homes, and physically can’t due to the pandemic? For those women who live everyday in isolation under the power of their abusive partners, how do they cope during the social distancing measures rolled out? Our heart breaks for those women living in fear each day in their own homes with their partners fierce presence extended. You are in our thoughts, our hearts ache for you and we know you are strong enough to get through this and escape eventually. 

With 1 in 4 women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15 the reality of this really sinks in. Leaving isn’t easy, it’s one of the hardest decisions for them to make. A lot of these women rely on their partner for financial support or have been emotionally abused by their partner to the point where leaving doesn’t seem like a possibility. 

Australia was stopped in its tracks this year after the brutal death of Hannah and her gorgeous children in Brisbane in February. The brutality of this act was indescribable and beyond our wildest thoughts. Hannah’s death heightened a very real issue of the day to day abuse so many women experience in their own homes, in quiet neighborhoods, in one probably much like yours. Abuse isn’t confined to certain demographics, wealth or race, it attacks in many forms and in so many different ways. 

Currently, leaving is much more difficult. We sadly expect to see a rise in victims with confinement to our own homes over the coming months. Please, if you are a woman experiencing abuse during this time, know that there are charities still functioning and hotlines available to help you through this period. We know you are strong, and you will be able to make it through this. 

Share the Dignity helps in such a small piece of this very big puzzle when women leave an abusive partner and start a new life of freedom and love. We distribute period products to domestic violence shelters and charities to give these strong and resilient women one less thing to worry about- the expense of her period. Each woman fleeing her abusive partner has so much to consider, perhaps her children, her source of income, her home, legal complications, bills and mental health. A period shouldn’t be an additional barrier.  

If you would like to help Share the Dignity, you can donate to us during our Dignity Drives in March and August, our It’s In The Bag campaign in November or you can donate directly to us through our website. Help us end period poverty and help us ease the burden of a period for a woman fleeing domestic violence.

If you require support relating to domestic violence, please call 1800 RESPECT or 000 if you are in immediate danger