Domestic Violence Facts - The Technology Exists to Prevent DV deaths - we're just not using it.
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Domestic Violence – Face The Facts and Stop The Deaths

On the 31st January 2017 Teresa lost her life as a result of domestic violence.

FACT: Last year we lost 78 people to domestic violence in Australia.

Domestic violence facts: Technology exists that can stop the deaths.  But we’re not using it.

Help us stop the deaths.

The technology is available. Help us to stop domestic violence deaths by signing our petition now.  Share the Dignity calls on the Queensland government to enforce laws requiring all serious domestic violence offenders to wear GPS tracking devices whilst on bail.  The fact is, domestic violence perpetrators can, and do, use the bail period to attempt to control and silence their victims – by any means possible.  Not only does this technology help stop the deaths, it is key in getting more women to stand up and press charges in domestic violence cases.  Fear for her own safety and the safety of her children is the biggest barrier to domestic violence victims taking the first big step.  Let’s face up to domestic violence facts and demand that this technology be used in Queensland domestic violence cases.

The fact is – life saving technology exists – let’s use it

Help us stop domestic violence deaths with technology. PLEASE help us to achieve this. There is NO WAY Teresa should have died.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Surely technology can help save lives. The technology exists in Australia already. Why are we not using it?

The collective noise of Australian men and women working together can be a deafening roar that the government cannot ignore.

You can help us stop the deaths

Please sign our online petition – sign it, share it, insist upon change.

We want to galvanise Australia into action.
Tag every MP and politician. Write to your local members. Demand that they fact up to domestic violence facts and take a stand to stop the deaths.
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