We’re always grateful to businesses who donate sanitary products to our cause.

Charities tell us that Sanitary Items are the last thing to be donated but the first thing to be taken by women and girls in need.

If you missed our March and August #DignityDrive or want to donate outside of those times, these amazing businesses are happy for you to purchase and they will send them straight to us.

Donate menstrual cups and cloth pads

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cups, also known as Moon Cups or Period Cups, are reusable plastic devices used in place of tampons. These little gems seem to be fast becoming the period product of choice for women who believe in a sustainable future. We’re big fans of menstrual cups at Share the Dignity and tell all women to try them! You can purchase a menstrual cup for a woman or girl in crisis and have it sent directly to us to donate.

Order here: https://www.juju.com.au/share-the-dignity-juju-cup-donation/

JuJu cloth pads

JuJu cotton cloth pads have been lovingly made by hand from soft cotton. They are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads and therefore are perfect for women who prefer not to use any internal personal care products. They can be washed and reused saving money and environmental waste.  Furthermore, they can be used for menstruation, light bladder leakage (LBL) and incontinence. Donate reusable cloth pads or a menstrual cup because,  women shouldn’t suffer the indignity of choosing between eating and buying sanitary items.

Order here: https://www.juju.com.au/share-the-dignity-juju-cloth-pad-donation

Period Underwear

Love Luna - Period Underwear - Share the Dignity

Love Luna sell a range of period underwear in 3 styles with sizes from 4- 6 through to 20-22 available across the range of – bikini briefs, midi briefs and full briefs.

What makes this underwear so magic is its super comfortable inbuilt pad. The four layers of protection include a soft cotton lining, absorbent and breathable padding, a waterproof layer and a soft cotton outer. Measuring only 3mm in thickness, the padding area is still discreet enough for everyday wear.

Please consider donating a pair or two to help a girl or woman struggling with period poverty.

Order here – https://www.loveluna.com/share-the-dignity-period-brief-donation

Donate period pads and tampons




Join Cottons and Tsuno as a corporate donor to provide these basics to women who need them most. We need 750,000 pads and tampons every single year – therefore a donation from your sanitary napkin or tampon company can go a long way.

Donate incontinence pads and aids

Let’s just put it out there, one in three of us post kids needs incontinence pads or other aids. That means one in three women in crisis need products daily to maintain dignity. Therefore, when you donate incontinence pads, you’re helping women on their periods and the one in three who need your products all month long.

Guidelines for sanitary product donations

All donations must be sealed in the original packaging. We do not accept open packets. Should you wish to donate bulk sanitary items then please email here.

All sanitary items welcome!

Every woman has a different preference for managing her period. Not all women rely on pads and tampons so we welcome donations of all sanitary items. Do you produce a different kind of sanitary product? We’d love to talk – contact us now.