How to use Facebook Privacy Settings to block your ex
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Facebook Privacy Settings – How to Lock Down Your Profile

It’s your social club, it’s your digital photograph album, it’s the place to share your triumphs and sadness…it’s your Facebook profile.  Your friends, your family, everyone you love is right there on Facebook, sharing their daily lives with you.   So, what happens if you don’t want your ex tracking your Facebook activity.  Facebook is notorious for letting personal information “slip” to friends of friends if you don’t have proper control of your privacy settings.  We asked Social Media Manager Kristy Edwards, how to properly lock down Facebook privacy settings.

How to lock down your Facebook profile

It’s not just as simple as blocking your ex (although, we’ll get to that) there are other privacy issues to take into consideration.  Start by doing a password change.  It’s a good idea to regularly change your Facebook password anyway, now is a good time to do it.

Step 1 – Check the “public view” of your profile.

Go to your personal profile by clicking on your name.  Use the three dots next to “View Activity Log” to select “View As” and select public.  You will not be able to add your ex to this section if you’ve blocked him.  With the exception of “blocked” people, everyone will have access to your profile picture and cover image.  If that’s all you can see in the public view, you’re already well on the way to good personal security.  If you can see a whole lot more, you will need to tweak your privacy settings further.

Step 2 – Limit who sees your Facebook posts

Limit who sees your Facebook Posts

  • The Public – This will display your posts to anyone on or off Facebook
  • Friends – Your friends on Facebook
  • Friends Except – Choose which friends you would like to exclude from seeing your posts.
  • Only me – These posts are shown to nobody except you!
  • Specific Friends – Hand pick who will see your post

Note that while each post has its own privacy option but be aware that if you opt to share something publicly you will need to check that the following post defaults back to your preferred setting.  You can also retroactively change your post settings.  Access your privacy tab by logging into Facebook and going here.  Under “Who Can See My Stuff” click Limit Past Post.

Facebook Privacy Settings - How to lock down your profile


Step 3 – Make yourself harder to find

Tweak access to your profile to stop it being searchable on Facebook.  If you block an ex from seeing you on Facebook, he can use Incognito mode to Google Search your profile unless you block it from search engine indexing.  Consider how much information you want Facebook sharing with its own users and with the internet as a whole.

LImit where Facebook shares your profile


Step 4 – How to block your ex on Facebook

How to block your ex on Facebook

There are a few different “blocking options” on Facebook.  If you’re avoiding a dangerous ex, it’s best to opt for the most dramatic of these!  Block.  Block. Block.  Click the drop down arrow in the top right corner of your screen and select settings which should take you to this page (you will need to be logged into Facebook to view it).    From there click “Blocking”.  Depending on other settings you’ll have a few options:

  • Block – You can block your ex and not only will he not be able to see you on Facebook, but you will not be able to see anything he posts either
  • Restricted List – You can add friends to your restricted list, this means that they won’t see the post that you share only with friends.
  • Block Messages –  You can block users from messaging you, calling you and contacting you in any way via Facebook using this feature.
  • Block event invites – This is where you can stop people from sending you invites to events.

Block your ex.  Now have a think about your mutual friends.

Is there anyone there that you don’t necessarily trust?  No matter how well you lock down your Facebook profile, there’s nothing that can stop a mutual friend copying and pasting your content to your ex.  Make sure you trust all of your friends.  If in doubt, block them!

Step 5: Stay on top of Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook privacy settings change frequently and on occasion, roll out of new privacy settings has meant private content going public by mistake.  Stay on top of changes to Facebook’s privacy options and periodically check that your account is still locked down.  Just because you don’t want one person finding you, doesn’t mean you have to withdraw from your online support network.  Just be sure to stay on top of your Profile settings and only stay friends with people you trust.