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Kara’s Story

Kara’s Only Option – It’s More Common Than You Think

Life for Kara was full of possibility.

Kara was young but she was smart. She aced her year 12 exams and was crowned dux of her high school. Her hard work opened up opportunities for further education that she couldn’t have dreamed of. This was perfect because she had always wanted to be a vet. It was, after all, her caring nature that made her so special. Falling madly in love with the boy next door, life was good. Together they could do anything. When her boyfriend James got offered a job opportunity that was too good to turn down, they relocated. Disappointed but understanding, she postponed her study so they could relocate for his new position.

Not long after she settled into her new home, made friends and found a job she loved, it was time to move again. She understood the opportunity that this promotion would bring for them, so she resigned from her job and relocated. Within months of making a new home for herself, 19 year old Kara discovered she was pregnant.

This is when Kara started to notice changes in James; small ones, to start, like asking her to stay home instead of meeting a friend for coffee. But as her pregnancy progressed he started to drink heavily and would on occasion break things. Kara tried to defuse the situation time and time again, until one day James struck her. Shocked by what had happened and his immediate remorse, she forgave him.

As the months went on and their baby was born, she learned that this was not just a one-off incident. Kara’s life as new mum consisted of staying inside the small caravan they called home, with no real friends and no money … living in fear that James would come home in a nasty mood and use her body as his punching bag. This was now her life.

As the months turned into years and the abuse got worse, Kara realised she couldn’t keep covering her bruises and pretending everything was okay. She knew she had a decision to make: Leave with nothing, no money and no place to go with two children? Or stay with James and eventually be beaten so badly she didn’t wake up?

Scared for the lives of herself and her young children, she found the courage to leave. Run. Hide. Knowing the small amount of money she had wouldn’t go far, she tried finding work, any work, and a place to live, but no one would rent to a single mother of two children. She used the free cold showers at the beach to keep clean in hopes that today would be the day their lives turned around. With no money, no work, and no help, Kara and her kids became homeless through no fault of their own.

The world is no longer her oyster and Kara’s dream of one day becoming a vet has been traded for simply struggling to give her children a warm, safe place to live.

Don’t let this be how Kara’s story ends.

Kara isn’t “just one” woman, Kara’s story is more common than you’d think.  Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness in Australia.  Help all the Kara’s escape to a better life without fear of homelessness.