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Okay you got your menstrual cup in…. but how do you get it out.

Every menstrual cup article seems to give tips and tricks on how to get the cup inside – which were very useful, don’t get me wrong… The issue came when my eight hours were up, and I needed to retrieve the cup. I wanted to begin using a menstrual cup after I learnt more and more about the environmental issue’s tampons have, they can take years to breakdown, they go into landfill and they’re often filled with nasty chemicals I didn’t want in my body. I made the decision to purchase a menstrual cup, but once it arrived I had no idea how to get it in or out. 

Getting the menstrual cup comfortably inside me took a couple of cycles. I was having flashbacks to my teenage self, trying to put a tampon in and STRUGGLING. The memories of frustration, defeat and annoyance came flooding back. How the heck was this large cup supposed to sit comfortably inside of me? After Googling, YouTube video watching, texting friends and even requesting advice from my hairdresser, I did it. The cup was in. I was beyond excited – I even FaceTimed my friend to let her know of my triumphs. We both danced on FaceTime and then she asked me, “How are you going to get it out?”  

After a couple of hours, it started to sink in that I didn’t know how to get the cup out of me. The suction. How on Earth could I pull it out if it was suctioned in there? Fear began to kick in. Google and YouTube searches weren’t as helpful as they were when I wanted to know how to put it in. I decided to attempt it anyway. The instructions were simple, break the suction and pull it out. Sounds easy in theory but in practice, there were challenges.  

I’m not sure you want me to go into the detailed insights of what I did, my poor friends have already heard in detail how it happened. It’s a long story and it took over half an hour. Let’s just say, I certainly didn’t break the suction properly like I intended. Don’t let this deter you though, once you figure out how to use the cup, your life will be changed! Okay, so how do you get it out? After my quite uncomfortable failed attempt, here is my go to extraction moving forward: 

Step one: Insert your finger beside the cup and press inwards. This will break the seal. 

Step two: Hook down so the cup begins to move out of your body 

Step three: Move your thumb to the other side to guide the cup out of your body. This will also avoid it spilling or falling onto the floor. 

Step four: Keep pulling it all the way out. 

Your cup should be out! 

Remember to empty and rinse your cup before reinsertion. At the end of your cycle you should be boiling your cup to ensure it is clean and ready for use next time. Everyone’s experience using a menstrual cup is different, what works for me, might not work for you but the only way I figured out what worked of me was by discussing what worked for other people. 

Good luck!