Our Partner Organisations

Our partner organisations provide the products, publicity and support we need to share dignity and safety to Australian women. Share the Dignity runs on the power of volunteers. We love our volunteers.  The amazing people we call Sheroes and Heroes give their time tirelessly. Yet these sheroes could not Share the Dignity as far or as wide without the help of our partner organisations and sponsors.  Therefore, we are very grateful to everyone who helps us ensure that NO women suffers the indignity of choosing between eating, feeding her children or buying sanitary items. Most of all, together we can make a difference, raise funds and bring awareness of the daily challenges that homeless women face each day in our community.  We want to thank each and every person working to make Australia a better place for all women.   Most of all, helping women who are living in crisis.

Please Support Our Partner Organisations

Our partner organisations support us out of the goodness of their hearts! They are the few businesses and organisations who want to make a positive change and we love them for it!  Imagine how great the world would be with more businesses like these rather than the world we live in today!  So we ask you to consider being the change you want to see in the world.  Therefore, next time you’re shopping, please support our partners. Choose them first of all, because you know they’re doing good in the world.