116 ways to perform a random act of kindness today and every day
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116 Random Acts of Kindness – for Christmas and Everyday!

This is a guest contribution by Theo Ananiadis. While we’re all busily stocking our “It’s In The Bag” Christmas appeal, we thought we’d put together some “random acts of kindness” ideas to help make the silly season better for everyone around us.  It’s the busiest time of the year – here’s 116 simple things you can do to make the world a better place this Christmas or any day!


  1. Invite an elderly or lonely neighbour for Christmas lunch
  2. Wrap an extra gift and pop it into the nearest homeless shelter
  3. Buy an extra bag of Christmas treats and take it to a local shelter
  4. Send a card to a friend you’ve not spoken to in forever
  5. Bake extra Christmas treats and give them to a struggling mum in your community
  6. Show kids the spirit of giving by packing up some toys to donate
  7. Let your child lead the way in buying a gift for a less fortunate kid
  8. Talk to your child about giving a donation in lieu of receiving a gift
  9. Donate a micro-loan to a woman in another country to help her get on her feet
  10. Take a hamper of chocolates and toys to your local children’s hospital
  11. Offer to babysit for a struggling friend (’tis the season to be stressed out after all)
  12. Sign up to volunteer in the new year
  13. Take the kids (or your dog) to visit a local nursing home.  Take cupcakes
  14. Donate blood in readiness for the “silly season” shortages
  15. Apologise to someone
  16. Tell someone why you respect them
  17. Donate you old glasses, mobile phone or electronics to appropriate charities
  18. Finally get around to calling your sister/besty/elderly aunt to have a chat
  19. Compliment a stranger
  20. Organise a charity “whip around” at work or school
  21. Choose a rescue animal if you’re considering a “Christmas puppy or kitten”
  22. Tell a workmate what you admire about them
  23. Give a stranger your seat
  24. Make a gift celebrating your child’s qualities
  25. Reply to an email with a compliment
  26. Leave a children’s book in a public place with a “take me I’m free” note
  27. Do something special for someone who cares for others
  28. Take the check out girls at your local shop a box of chocolates
  29. Do something special for a “middle child” in your neighbourhood
  30. Organise a treasure hunt or craft project for local kids
  31. Sign up to Give As You Earn in the new year
  32. Take your posty a cool drink – it’s a hard time of year for him!
  33. Send a box of chocolates or a gourmet hamper to a nurse’s station in an emergency room
  34. Take your local fire fighters some beers for after work
  35. Who is your most selfless friend?  Do something amazing for her
  36. Pay for a stranger’s lunch order
  37. Leave a decent tip for a great waiter
  38. Buy fresh fruit and breads and leave them for a homeless person
  39. Write and post a letter.  Admit, it’s been years!
  40. Take a beautiful photo of a friend’s kids and frame it for her
  41. Register as an organ donor
  42. Take an extra umbrella and give it to someone who needs it
  43. Buy an extra cake for the girl making your coffee
  44. Listen, without interrupting, to someone’s story or problem.  Let them talk.  They’ll feel better
  45. When you’re stressed out, take a nap or a bath.  Your calmness will benefit people around you
  46.  Say yes to something you’d usually say no to
  47. Try something new with your child or partner
  48. Take your dad out for lunch, just you and him
  49. Buy a bottle of wine for the impoverished university student in your life
  50. Have the kids make something special for their friends
  51. Perform a random act of kindness for a complete stranger
  52. Buy cold canned drinks for the teens at the local skate park
  53. Take a photo that will remind a friend of good times, and email it
  54. Put flowers on a neglected grave
  55. Spend one on one time with each of your kids
  56. Leave a note admiring a stranger’s garden
  57. Offer to take a family photo on a stranger’s phone
  58. Plant a tree or edible plant with your kids
  59. Leave a nice note on a windshield in a busy Christmas car park
  60. Buy a fundraising item as part of your Christmas shopping
  61. Donate to a random “Go Fund Me”, Kickstarter or charity website
  62. Buy your partner a bottle of wine or other treat when you’re at the shops
  63. Do a load of dishes or some laundry while your mum is out.  She did yours!
  64. Offer an old lady a lift on a hot day
  65. Donate some movie tickets to a group home
  66. Offer to walk a busy neighbour’s dog
  67. Pay for the car behind you at the drive through
  68. Ask your neighbours if they need anything before you run to the shops
  69. Buy milk and bread for a neighbour with kids
  70. Do a “chore” that is usually allocated to your partner
  71. Knock on a friend’s door with a fresh brewed coffee for her
  72. Offer kind words to a woman with a screaming child
  73. Take doughnuts to work
  74. Donate a bag of “seniors” kibble to the local animal shelter
  75. Offer a driving lesson to a learner driver
  76.  Take gourmet treats for the other parents waiting for their kids to do sports
  77. Pay for a term of sports for a kid living in a shelter or foster home
  78. Buy entry tickets to the local pool and give them to a local shelter or foster home
  79. Leave sealed soaps and toiletries in an urban public toilet
  80. Donate your old towels to your local animal shelter
  81. Sing Christmas carols in the car with the kids
  82. Stream a kids movie from your childhood and watch it with your children
  83. Buy an audio book subscription for an old person in your life
  84. Order a papal blessing for a giving member of your parish
  85. Pay for ten frozen meals to be sent to someone with no time to cook
  86. Read your child a classic children’s book
  87. Make your Christmas decorations by hand with your children
  88. Invite a lonely child from school over for a play
  89. Pay for an extra chicken at the butchers to give to a struggling customer
  90. Drop a $5 note in an elderly person’s shopping basket.
  91. Mow a neighbour’s nature strip for them
  92. Seen a bargain at the shops?  Get an extra for a neighbour
  93. Share charity messages with your friends on social media
  94. Take fresh fruit to work and leave a “Take Me” note on it
  95. Offer to take someone to the airport
  96. Pay for someone’s petrol
  97. Give money to a busker
  98. Put money in expired parking meters
  99. Leave out water and seed for birds
  100. Take out and bring in your neighbour’s bins
  101. Give positive feedback about a customer service assistant
  102. Leave a glowing Google review for a local business that you love
  103. Stop and chat to a homeless person or lonely neighbour
  104. Offer to prune a neighbour’s trees
  105. Offer available “bin space” to neighbours
  106. Buy a Christmas present from a friend’s business or a local store
  107. Start a “loose change” jar to donate to charity
  108. Put yourself in the shoes of the person being a jerk at this stressful time of year
  109. Leave your change in the vending machine
  110. Leave an “I love you” note on your partner’s steering wheel
  111. Buy a car wash voucher for the young driver in your life
  112. Gift a book that will resonate to someone having a hard time
  113. Pick up litter in a public park or nature strip
  114. Grow seedlings of edible plants or flowers and give them to neighbours
  115. Learn one interesting thing about the “quiet person” in every situation
  116. Sign any petition that you support here and help community groups get their point heard

Can you add to our Random Acts of Kindness list?

We believe that a small gesture can have a big impact on someone’s life.  We want to make the biggest list of random acts of kindness in Australia.  Can you make some suggestions or share some ideas?  Help us make the world a better place, one kindness at a time!  If you really want to be kind, you can always donate to our charity!  Just sayin’!