Register With Share The Dignity Now

To remain in complete compliance with laws governing Australian charities, all activities, events and donations collected or provided on behalf of Share The Dignity must first go through a simple registration process.  Don’t worry, it’s quick and simple and it helps to cover you, and us, legally!

Who should register here?

Our registration forms cover:

  • Individuals wanting to host a fundraising high tea or other event
  • Individuals or businesses providing Workplace Giving
  • Organisations wanting to host an event or a “collection box” for our dignity drives
  • Students or teachers wishing to involve a school in an event or fundraising activity
  • Sanitary item producers wishing to donate bulk product to Share The Dignity
  • Yoga Instructors wishing to host a Yoga4Dignity class
  • Community groups, churches or not-for-profits wishing to receive pads, tampons and handbags from Share The Dignity

Not on the list?

To make a cash donation, please do so here.

For all other enquiries please get in touch!