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Stop The Tampon Tax

Did you know there is a tax on tampons & pads??  They are deemed a “luxury item!”

It’s time to stop the tampon tax and recognise that pads and tampons are essentials.

In the 12 months prior to May 2016 we collected 270,000 packets of pads and tampons. With an average price of $5 that’s over $1,350,000 worth of pads and tampons.  Simply amazing!  We’re thankful to all our supporters for helping us bring these ESSENTIAL items to the women who need them.

These products go to homeless women and women who simply cannot afford these “LUXURY” items. Yet, we have paid a staggering $135,000 in GST on those items due to the “Luxury Tax”!  Pads and tampons are taxed the same as other of lifes little luxuries… rather than as a necessary item for so many women.

Is this fair?

We don’t think so and would love you to show your support by contacting your local member and helping us rid the ?Luxury Tax from our necessity items.

How to stop the tampon tax

Write to your local member, state member and federal member and tell them that pads and tampons are ESSENTIAL items and should be tax free.  There is growing support for this cause.  Lend your voice to the campaign now.