It's In The Bag

Time to share the dignity with #itsinthebag 2017

Doing an act of kindness for someone else, especially someone you don’t know is such a fulfilling experience.

This week, I opened my Inbox and found an email from Share the Dignity, a wonderful Australian charity that is devoted to helping women who are in crisis – Women who are homeless or Women who are victims of domestic violence.

According to the Share Your Dignity, there are 85,000 homeless women in Australia who need your help.

Read more about their work and watch the video below.

What is #itsinthebag 2017 all about?

There are campaigns throughout the year however, each November they hold their ‘It’s In the Bag’ drive and this video explains what it is all about.

What you need to do:

  • find a handbag which is in good condition and you no longer use or maybe just buy one
  • fill the handbag with the 6 essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant and sanitary items
  • add some special items like perfume – think about what makes you feel special
  • include a card with a thoughtful message that shows someone cares
  • drop off to the Bunnings collection centres or these collection points

Here is what I put together:

I had a tote bag that I had never used and it was perfect to hold everything.  I was actually quite excited at the thought of someone receiving this and hoping that they would be thrilled with the contents.

This tote was perfect to hold everything.

For all of my Australian readers you can drop off your donation for #itsinthebag 2017 at any BUNNINGS stores between Saturday November 18 and December 2nd.

Even though this is an Australian charity I’m sure there are other similar charities worldwide.

So this Christmas why not add an extra gift or two to your list and help women who are living lives that we could never imagine?

Blog post by:

Sue Loncaric from the Sizzling Towards Sixty and Beyond team