Tiny Homes Help The Homeless
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Tiny Houses Used To Help The Homeless

This article on tiny houses is a guest contribution by Leisa Mackintosh

A not for profit in Detroit is helping the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless by creating wonderful “Tiny Houses”.  It’s no secret that Detroit’s troubled economy has rendered thousands vulnerable to homelessness and poverty.  Cass Community Social Services Tiny Home Community Project allows living below the poverty line to rent homes for a dollar per square foot. Residents then own the little properties after seven years of renting. Furthermore, this means that people at risk of homelessness not only have a little home in which to thrive, but begin the first tenuous step on the property ladder.  This provides long term protection from homelessness. Similar projects are popping up all over the United States and this year the first Australian project is also underway. In Australia now, there is a project starting up to help the homeless in the Northern Beaches region north of Sydney.

What are tiny houses exactly???

Tiny Houses are generally between 250 and 400 square foot in floor size!  Yes, tiny means tiny!  As a result, they’re studio style or single bedrooms although family versions with neat little bunk beds do exist! Many are split level with the bedroom up a flight of tight stairs.  Each tiny house uses design elements to give the impression of more space.  Large windows, compact in-line kitchenettes, porches and additional ‘outdoor living spaces” make them comfortably livable – despite their tiny floor space.  They’re not just useful solutions to help the homeless either – Tiny Homes have become the “must have” alternative to the traditional teenager retreat or granny flat.  The market is growing across the world and Australia is on board!

Tiny Houses Aid Homeless In Australia

There is a growing movement towards providing tiny homes for the growing number of homeless people in Australia.  Homelessness causes include the skyrocketing cost of housing, especially in Sydney and Melbourne.  Loss of income due to relationship breakdowns, domestic violence, poverty among seniorsthe challenges of physical and mental health issues and a turbulent economy all contribute.  All of these causes add up to a growing problem here in Australia.  Tiny Homes Foundation is an Australian not for profit building a “tiny house” community in Gosford for those struggling to find suitable living arrangements in Sydney and on the Central Coast. They’re working with other not for profits, charities, work for the dole participants and volunteers to create the pilot program now.

We think these are a terrific idea!  A h0me doesn’t just provide shelter from the elements and amenities for homeless people.  A home provides dignity and safety.  A home, no matter how small, provides a postal address to add to job applications.  It provides a place to feel part of society.  Tiny houses are a wonderful step towards greater dignity for homeless woman.

How you can help the homeless across Australia

Share The Dignity is just one of the not for profit organisations helping homeless people across Australia.  Support us by donating money or sanitary items to go to women in need right now.  Sign up now to become a Share The Dignity Volunteer and give a few hours a few times a year to make a big difference.  Also take a look at our partner charitable organisations, doing amazing work across the country.   You don’t need to build tiny houses to help – there are so many ways to restore dignity to women in need.  All you need to do is start.