Share The Dignity is run on the power of volunteers across Australia

Tens of thousands of Australian women and girls have received vital help thanks to our dedicated team of good men and women. 100% of donations to Share The Dignity go straight to the women and girls who need them. We’re not an overstuffed corporate charity – we’re simply good men and women helping where help is needed most. The Share The Dignity volunteers believe in collaboration, team work and mutual support. We appreciate every one of our volunteers across Australia because we love people who’ll put their hand up to get things done.

There are so many ways to volunteer!

You don’t need to commit hours and hours – all our volunteers are busy people.  All our volunteers sign up as Sheroes and Heroes, giving a few hours a week to help us get the basic of necessities to women and girls in need. Volunteering with Share the Dignity has busy periods during our collection events and quieter times in-between. Give around 3 hours a week most weeks and maybe a couple more during our busiest times (March and August Dignity Drives and during #itsinthebag) and then put your hand up for odd jobs (eg. ongoing administrative or social media support). We need volunteers with all kinds of skills!

Please note that there are very few roles within Share the Dignity that meet the requirement for Centrelink participation of 15hrs per week. Should you wish to volunteer to meet a requirement for Centrelink please email us prior to submitting your volunteer application for one of the team to contact you to discuss.

All volunteers are required to be over 18 years of age.

If you’d like to give 3-5 hours a week during our campaigns by collecting from businesses and delivering to charities, volunteer with us.

If you prefer to help by collecting sanitary items via your family and friends, you don’t need to volunteer.
Hold an event instead.

If you prefer to help by making a donation, there are a range of options available, including making regular donations or a one-off donation.

Volunteer from home, anywhere in Australia

We operate in all states and territories and currently have no office premises (we don’t spend donations on rents and overheads – that money is needed in for women and girls in need). This means that everyone works at home; from kitchen benches and sofas. Consequently, this gives more flexibility to our team of dedicated volunteers across Australia. We use a social media platform to coordinate our collections and communicate with everyone. If you know how to work Facebook then you will find it super simple to make contact with other local volunteers, the volunteers in your state and key volunteers nationally. If you aren’t comfortable with Facebook then our super friendly volunteer queen team will be happy to help you get started and it is so simple you will hit the ground running in no time.

We run collections in all capital cities and in plenty of regional locations. We need regional and remote volunteers most of all! Could you be the Shero/Hero in your town?

Behind the scenes

Volunteers also keep us going behind the scenes – from designing graphics, to helping out on logistics, to helping us apply for grants. We are always looking for more good people to help us as we grow. Here are some of the vacancies we are accepting applications for today.

Shero/Hero – All States

The majority of our volunteers are what we like to call Sheroes and Heroes and they are the public face of Share the Dignity. Everyone joins Share the Dignity as a Shero/Hero and there are plenty of opportunities internally to put your hand up to do a little bit more. A Shero or Hero is responsible for our Dignity Drives in March and August and also for being part of our It’s In The Bag collection in November. Needing nothing more than a willingness to communicate and being prepared to manage a collection point in your local area, becoming a Shero/Hero is a great way for everyone to be involved in Sharing the Dignity. Our fundraising activities are event-based, therefore the hours vary from month to month. One thing to know, there can be a lot of running around involved as a Shero/Hero, particularly during our campaigns. So, having a current driver’s licence and access to a vehicle is useful.


Grant Writers – All States

Do you have experience writing grants and consequently you are knowledgeable about state specific grants opportunities? If so we would love to hear from you and have you join our team of specialists to help us achieve our goal of placing 150 Dignity Vending Machines #pinkbox across Australia this year. Ambitious isn’t it?  We’re ambitious first of all!  Hence our call out for amazing grant writers across Australia.  This role will take between 3-5 hrs a week and is done remotely therefore you can work at home – doesn’t it seem like the perfect volunteer gig?

Ready to put your hand up for change?

  • Do you have a minimum of 3hrs a week to volunteer and make a difference?
  • Do you have access to the internet on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device?
  • Do you have a passion to help women and girls in need?

If you answered yes to all then we want you to join our team! To get involved, simply apply and we’ll be in touch.  Share The Dignity is a close, friendly team of good volunteers across Australia.  Be a part of it all.  Do something heroic.  Know that your small gesture will mean a woman lives today with dignity.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering
with Share the Dignity.
All volunteers are required to be over 18 years of age.