Become a Shero! Help homeless women in your city

The success of Share the Dignity relies heavily on collaboration, team work and those who are willing to put their hand up to get the job done. We are growing rapidly  and the demand for our services remains strong, so  we are searching for like-minded and passionate volunteers to support us in achieving our mission.  Can you join our Shero program and help homeless women in your area to live with dignity?

But what do our volunteers do?

There are lots of volunteer roles within Share the Dignity but we initially recruit everyone as a Shero or Hero.

As a Shero/Hero you are vital to our core activity which is helping homeless women who need access to sanitary items receive them.
We run 3 collection per year. April & August are our sanitary product collection months. November is our Christmas Donation Drive, #itsinthebag.

We need Sheroes/Heros across Australia.  The program for each state is co-ordinated out of your capital city and we’re always looking for sheroes/heros in regional locations to step up and share the dignity across Australia. Learn more about your local team:

Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne | Perth | Adelaide | Hobart | Canberra | Darwin

Volunteer on Dignity Drive – April and August

Share The Dignity Pad Donations Volunteers Needed

We usually start preparing the month prior to the collection period. We ask our Shero/Heroes to contact the businesses, that have been allocated to them by their Collections Queen  and confirm they are on board for this collection.  The Collection Queen arranges a time to distribute collection boxes to the Sheros, for distribution to businesses. Sheros pack up the boxes so they are ready to go at the beginning of the month, keep in contact with their  businesses during collection periods and promptly help finalise the collection at the end of the month.

Once you have cleared the stock from the businesses  you get to do the nicest bit which is delivering the stock to the local charitable organisations that need it.

Volunteer on #itsinthebag – November and December

Share The Dignity Volunteers

This collection runs for two weeks and you work in teams to collect and deliver handbags to local charities. It’s  similar way to our April and August collections, but with  fewer collection points.  Throughout the year we may have local events come up in your area and we may ask you to pick up an odd collection or possibly speak at an event but the choice is up to you.

How much time must I commit?

Being a Shero can take as little or as much time as you have. During collection periods it can be as much as 3-5 hrs a week but in downtime it is less than an hour a week. We will always ask before each collection who is available, so if you only want to do #itsinthebag or April/August that’s not an issue.  There are other volunteer roles available including specific jobs you can do from home outside of those time periods. We always need good women, and men, to help the homeless, victims of domestic violence and women at risk.

Learn more about all our Australian volunteering options.

Does this sound like something you can enjoy and give some time to help with? If so please apply here today and someone will be in contact with you in the next 7-10 days.